Write-on For Israel

Since 2002, The Jewish Week’s Write On For Israel program has educated and engaged more than 600 top high school students on Israel and the Middle East, empowering them to become leaders and influencers in the pro-Israel community when they get to college. One of the first “early engagement” programs to identify and educate young Israel supporters before they get to campus, Write On/NY is a highly selective leadership training program which targets top high school juniors and seniors. Our student body is comprised of Jewish day school, public and private non-secular school teenagers, all with a deep connection to Israel and desire to become active and vocal leaders in the pro-Israel movements on campus.

Using the lens of journalism, Write On trains students to use their writing to defend, educate and advance Israel’s positions in the media through opinion pieces and letters to the editor. We provide students with a strong, historical foundation, teaching ancient Jewish and Israel history as well as current events. Our Leadership Training Institute helps them become more effective speakers and debaters, giving them confidence to take the lead early in their college journey. Perhaps most importantly, we infuse them with our expectations that they will take the training and become leaders in the pro-Israel movement on campus by helping to build support and understanding both inside and outside the college classroom.

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